Language Arts

According to the American National Council of Teachers of English, the five strands of the Language arts are reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing (visual literacy). For our posters, we've broken Language Arts down into these subcategories (the number of items in each is shown in parentheses):

Grammar (17)
Here you'll find our best-selling parts of speech and punctuation posters. The rules of grammar are made easy and accessible with these posters and others you'll find in this section.
Literature (135)
In this section, you'll find dozens of posters providing background information on famous authors, as well as posters that connect history to literature, and posters that teach an understanding of poetry and poetic forms.
Poetry (30)
Here you will find a variety of posters that teach about poetry -- including 11 individual poetry forms from sonnets to rap. You can also browse this section for posters of your favorite poets from William Shakespeare to Langston Hughes.
Reading (34)
In this section you'll find exceptional motivational reading posters, as well as historic reading posters, and posters of classic children's literature.
Writing (119)
Posters that inspire and teach young people to write, posters about classic authors, and posters with quotes from famous writers can all be found in this section.