Social Studies

The Social Studies category is broken down into these subcategories (the number of items in each is shown in parentheses):

Browse this section for one of the most amazing collections of African American history posters you can imagine. From the Underground Railroad to Great Black Innovators to the Tuskegee Airmen, you will find posters you didn't even know existed.
The nearly 300 posters in this section cover a wide range of American history to supplement unit studies or provide a point of interest for your home or office.
Civics (62)
How does a bill become a law? What are the three branches of government? What are the amendments in the Bill of Rights? All of this information and much more can be found in the great variety of civics posters in this section.
Diversity (230)
Here you'll find one of the biggest selections of diversity and multicultural posters anywhere, including African American, Latino, Asian American, women, Native American, world religions, and much more.
Geography (60)
You'll find a wide variety of maps here, including maps that show the world in different ways and maps that teach history. You'll also find posters of the continents, maps specifically geared to young children, and posters that teach geographic concepts.
From ancient civilizations to modern Africa, bring the world to your bare walls with posters from this section.
From the Middle Ages to the Holocaust, this section offers you a wide array of world history posters to provide visual enrichment and background information to supplement your unit studies.
Looking for educational posters about economics or editorial cartoons? You'll find them if you browse this section.