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About Knowledge Unlimited

Knowledge Unlimited, Inc. is an independent, woman-owned company based in Madison, Wisconsin. It was founded in 1983 by former classroom teacher Judith Laitman. Her experiences working in an urban school in New York City informed a fierce determination to create accessible learning materials that work to improve learning outcomes for all students.

Knowledge Unlimited’s mission is to create and provide high-quality supplementary teaching materials that engage students, promote critical thinking, and build important background knowledge across the curriculum.

The KU Store offers Knowledge Unlimited’s full range of supplementary materials across the curriculum. These include posters, DVDs, resource guides, maps, children’s books, and Knowledge Unlimited’s award-winning current events programs.

NewsCurrents and Read to Know are two uniquely effective current events programs published by Knowledge Unlimited. These programs go way beyond the typical classroom current events programs. Only NewsCurrents and Read to Know provide the context and background information that makes important issues understandable to young people.

NewsCurrents is produced weekly by Knowledge Unlimited. Its unique discussion format insures maximum student engagement, while building background knowledge, oral language, and critical thinking skills. Written on three learning levels, it is appropriate for students in grades 3 to 12.

Read to Know is a weekly online news magazine for kids for kids in grades 5 and up. Students read carefully explained current news stories, then take comprehension quizzes at the end of each story.

Posters from Knowledge Unlimited are much more than wall decoration. They are teaching posters with educational content. Designed with the idea of “even the walls can teach,” they provide students with an additional opportunity to read and learn in a print-rich environment.

DVDs created by Knowledge Unlimited are produced specifically for classroom use. They are an ideal length for the classroom, and are written on a level that doesn’t assume the background knowledge that other programs, made for adult audiences, do.

Resource Guides from Knowledge Unlimited are distinctive and original. Our guides are made to be teacher- and student-friendly with original source material, reading exercises, and creative reproducibles.

Zino Press Children’s Books is a small division of Knowledge Unlimited dedicated to producing rhyming children’s books to promote phonemic awareness, and books that enable young people to learn about important non-fiction multicultural history.